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I am now retired from paid work and focusing my energies on climate communications, writing about constructive dialogue in politics and exploring personal art projects.

You can find my blog site exporing ideas and tools for constructive policy-making at a time of environmental and social crisis at:

Some of the material in my posts derives from my PhD research and is intended to help individuals and community groups with designing their climate communications strategies. Other posts relate to the question of how to get a  government in place that is truly committed to doing what it takes.

I am currently working on a book about collaborative critical dialogue in politics and I'd be interested to connect with others in the field, especially with experience of political journalism. You can contact me at

Twitter: @nicknuttgens                  Instagram: nuttgensnick


In the last phase of my paid working life, I worked as a facilitator and trainer and the other pages on this site relate to that work and previous work - maybe useful for you to see as background.

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